Management Team


After graduating from university, he has engaged in various businesses as an education service business in Tokyo and China (Beijing) for 15 years.

After that he joined G. A. Consultants. So far he is utilizing the experience of launching overseas, steering the Indonesian corporation "PT. GLOBAL ASIA KONSULTAN", renewal Jobbank Indonesia for "Indonesian recruitment" and "Japanese recruitment". Establish a network with Japanese companies in Indonesia. Indonesia is a great country that makes a big change each year. Cherish the keyword of "human resources" and we are struggling with the best staff today.



Maria holds Master Degree in Japanese Language Education at Indonesia University of Education in Indonesia.

Maria has over 10 years of experience working for Japanese Manufacturing companies for the fields of Administration, Secretary, Human-Resources, Interpreter, Production Plan & Inventory Control, Engineering New Model, Sales, Marketing, and Purchasing. Her experience has opened her view enough to adapt to a polyvalent and international professional environment. She is an outgoing person, good at networking and public relations, which gives her a transversal view on business for the matter of consultancy.

Once, Maria was interviewed by one of reporter in Bernas Daily News, 28th December 2016 to be one of inspiring figure in Bernas Inspirator column.



Rachmi holds Bachelor degree at English Education and Language Faculty in Atma Jaya University, Jakarta, Indonesia

Rachmi started her carreer as part time administrator staff in age 19. She has also experience as English teacher in some education levels. Rachmi supports education fields in educating high school students regarding Japanese language and cultures. Her experience enhances her career to be a professional. She is a creative person, hardworking, energetic, and persistent person, easy to adapt new things in a new environment. She loves to socialize with people from different social backgrounds.